Good Smile Company caused some sizeable buzz of excitement amongst avid collectors and fans of its Nendoroid collectible character series when it hinted during the Winter round (in February 2018) of the bi-annual Wonder Festival event of their intention to release poseable body-extensions for their Nendoroid figures.

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After a seemingly endless wait for the next several months since, GSC finally announced on Monday via its collectibles/figures review-site Kahotan’s Blog the official launch of the figure-maker’s “Nendoroid Doll” series – the first in line of possibly many more to come!

© Good Smile Company
© Good Smile Company

So what is a ‘Nendoroid Doll’? As seen in the photos, Nendoroid Dolls are pretty similar to the existing Nendoroid series – the head sizes for both Nendoroids and Nendoroid Dolls are the same, for one… but Nendoroid Dolls have the following few feature differences!

1. Nendoroid Dolls come outfitted with miniature real-fabric clothing. A side-by-side comparison against the regular Nendoroid also shows the Nendoroid Doll to be slightly larger in body size.

2. A Nendoroid Doll’s body features bendable/poseable elbows, knees and hip parts with smooth-articulated joint parts; its hands and head parts can also be swapped to fit those of the regular Nendoroid’s.

So basically, a Nendoroid Doll is like an alternative poseable doll-type of its Nendoroid counterpart, keeping the same iconic chibified design in a slightly larger body that allows for customisation of outfits and poses. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities! Imagine the fun of re-creating a favourite pose or anime scene through the Nendoroid Doll!

For this first-time launch, GSC has lined up two of their original characters – a girl Nendoroid Doll named ‘Emily’ and her counterpart – a boy named ‘Ryo’.

© Good Smile Company
© Good Smile Company

Both Emily and Ryo Nendoroid Doll sets come with the following features:

1. Figure body part with standardised fabric clothings
2. A magnetic base with two different stand-types – the regular stand already seen in the existing Nendoroid series; and the new clamp-type of stand that grabs around the Doll’s body, allowing for easier flexibility with customised outfits.
3. Shoes with magnet-bits in the sole portion – so the Dolls may pose ‘hands-free’ upon the magnetic base without support from the stands.
4. Interchangeable hand parts with the regular opened-palms, clenched fists; and hands making the ‘V’ / peace sign.
5. Alternative longer-joint neck part

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Other than the Nendoroid Doll Girl Emily and Boy Ryo, GSC will also launch the following generic Nendoroid Doll body types:

1. Nendoroid Doll Archtype Girl
2. Nendoroid Doll Archtype Boy (default skin-tone)
3. Nendoroid Doll Archtype Boy (cinnamon/darker skin-tone)

The generic archtype set contents are basically similar to Emily’s and Ryo’s – except they do not include Doll heads and clothing. These are for collectors who already own Nendoroids and would like to buy the Doll body set as an extension so they may customise poses and outfits for their Nendoroids.

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Collectors may be happy to know that GSC has started to accept pre-orders for the Nendoroid Dolls on 12 June 2018 via its Online Shop. Emily and Ryo Doll sets retail at JPY 4,167 (before tax) each and orders for them are scheduled to ship out by October 2018; the generic Nendoroid Doll body archtype sets retail at JPY 1,852 (before tax) each and orders are scheduled to ship out by September 2018.