Japanese entertainment company HORIPRO is looking to expand its overseas reach with the opening of the new HoriPro International. The announcement was made via the official HoriPro website; the official HoriPro International website was also launched today.

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An Announcement About the Launch of HoriPro International Co., Ltd.

Our company, the HoriPro Group, has the current goal of aggressively expanding overseas with the focus on Asia.

For this purpose, we have established a new company HoriPro International, which is fully owned by HoriPro, to handle the management of music artistes and voice actors active both in Japan and overseas.

Hori Pro International is based on the company philosophy of “Creation of world-class specialists”, to develop world class talents, discover and nurture artists, and create content.

The HoriPro International line-up includes such musical luminaries as May’n, Azusa Tadakoro, Mai Wajima, Machico, DJ Yuria, as well as renowned cosplayer Liyuu. HoriPro artistes have made multiple appearances throughout the region as part of Anime Festival Asia and the I Love Anisong concert series, as well as other events.