Many moons ago, fans of anisong and J-pop could never have imagined having their beloved anime theme songs and favourite karaoke hits being remixed as dance tunes — after all Akibahara and Ibiza don’t exactly attract the same crowd. That is, until the revolutionary DJ Kazu burst unto the scene, and changed the way we listen (and dance!) to Japanese pop music forever!

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DJ Kazu made history at Sony Records when he made his debut as their first J-pop DJ in 2008. As a Sony artiste, he has released several remix albums, with total sales numbering over 1.1 million units. He’s not only an artiste at ony Music Associated Records, he’s also an artiste A&R — making him indispensible both in front and behind the stage! He has also been the resident DJ of the NHK program “Shibuya no Oto” (Sound of Shibuya) — which was previously known as “MUSIC JAPAN”, for close to a decade.

DJ Kazu is best known for his tracks “J-Popper Densetsu” (J-Popper Legend) and “A GIRL↑↑”, and organizing the “J-Anisong Kamikyoku Matsuri” (J-Anisong Legendary Song Festival). He has an excellent reputation as a touring artiste, having played at massive events and music festivals including ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL and ANIMAX MUSIX. He is also enthusiastic about touring overseas, and have become an ambassador for Japanese music at events in Los Angeles, Jakarta, Penang, and Singapore!

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Japan Music Festival Natsu Rock

22 June 2018
Zepp@BIGBOX, Jurong East, Singapore
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