Umi Sakurai‘s SNS comic “Ojisama to Neko“, which has been released as a tankobon by Square Enix, has enjoyed explosive popularity not just in Japan but also overseas! And now, you can enjoy a nice cup of tea and delicous sweets as Kanda-sensei and Fukumaru — the eponymous “Ojisama” and “Neko” , host a collaboration event with AniPara Cafe!

© Umi Sakurai / SQUARE ENIX

The “Ojisama to Neko Cafe” will run from 1st August to 30th August 2018 at Tokyo AniPara Cafe in Ikebukuro. More information on the menu, souvenir items, and other collaboration cafe niceties will be announced very soon! Time to slot this into our Japan summer holiday plans!