Several Japanese students have just pulled off a difficult feat, as they officially enter the Guinness Book of World Records. This is because they just broke the world record for Team Skipping with a Jump Rope. Guinness even posted the video of their feat in YouTube.

The E-Jump Fuji group challenged the world record of 225 jumps. With officials watching, 12 elementary school students from Fuji managed to jump over the spinning rope 230 times, thus breaking the previous record. The kids used their specialty of fast-skipping in a figure-eight form to pull-off this feat.

By attempting to break a Guinness World Records title with one of the team’s best tricks, I wanted the members to understand the importance of setting a goal and working hard towards it. And I hope that, through this challenge, they realize that nothing is impossible,” Fuji Municipal Rope Skipping Association Chairman, Naoyuki Nishizawa, said.

Now, that is one truly impressive feat to achieve, huh? Congratulations to the students, as well as the teachers who supported them! Now if you guys will excuse me, I’m gonna try to break a world record too…