Abema TV broadcasts a TV show which takes a look at the salaries of famous Japanese personalities. Titled “Kyūyo Meisai” or Salary Statement, they recently invited famous cosplayer Uramaru as their latest guest. They dubbed her as “Japan’s #1 cosplayer”, and is actually one of the most in-demand young cosplayers today.

As the program reveals, she earns about 10,000 yen… per minute. She also earns extra 1,000 yen for a two-shot instant photo as well. And that’s just for her photo sessions. She also makes and sells her own merchandise, and keeps around 20-30% of the profit. And in addition to that, she also works for an agency which in turn gets her radio and TV appearances. In total, she roughly makes around 300,000 yen per month, which is of course waaaaaaay higher than most animators working in the anime industry are making.

In the program, she revealed that she once earned 277,000 yen all at once, and that’s just for photo sessions and merchandise. However, she does admit that the prices for photo sessions with her are quite high. But she did state that a group of students save up the money they earn from part-time jobs just to do photo sessions with her. What’s more is that they travel to Nagoya just to see Uramaru and take photos. These students say that working with the cosplayer is worth the money.

However, despite her earnings, Uramaru does admit that she’s quite frugal. In fact, she lives in an average apartment with a kitchen, which she pays around 85,000 yen in rent per month. She also admits to mostly only eating cup ramen and lives a very modest lifestyle outside of cosplay. But then again, once you look into her closet, you’ll see a mountain of cosplay costumes.

Source: Livedoor News