K-On! helped pioneer the rise of the moe genre. And while fans are patiently waiting for a third season for the moe genre’s cornerstone series, series mangaka kakifly is coming back to the franchise he created. This is because Manga Time Kirara’s July issue has just announced he’s returning with the new K-On! Shuffle manga.

Unfortunately, it seems that this new series won’t be following Yui and the gang. As the announcement reveals, this will be a “New Musical Movement”, and this time, the lead is a drummer. The magazine also reveals that Kakifly’s return to K-On will be happening in the magazine’s next issue. Specifically, K-On! Shuffle will debut inside the magazine’s August 2018 issue, which will hit the shelves on 9th July.

Manga Time Kirara didn’t reveal any further details about this new manga though. But do expect to know more about this new series when it does debut next month. Oh, and expect cute girls doing cute things just because it’s K-On after all.

Source: Manga Time Kirara Twitter