After its TV anime adaptation revealed that its getting a second season, its the live-action 3D Kanojo film’s turn to get the spotlight. Based on Mao Nanami’s josei manga of the same name, the live-action film’s staff have finally revealed a new trailer:

The new trailer features Ayami Nakajou as the female lead, Iroha, while Hayato Sano plays Hikari Tsutsui. And as the trailer shows, the film will be making its premiere in 14th September. The video also reveals the film’s theme song, which is “Bedtime Story” by Kana Nishino.

The film also stars Hiroya Shimizu as Mitsuya Takahashi, as well as Yuri Tsunematsu as Arisa Ishino. Moka Kamishiraishi will also be starring in the film as Sumie Ayado, while Yuutarou will play Yuuto Itou. Heroine Shikkaku’s Tsutomu Hanabusa is directing the film.

Both the manga and the anime follow Hikari “Tsutsun” Tsutsui, a socially-awkward otaku, whose only friend is the cat ear-wearing Yuuto. He prefers 2D waifus over real girlfriends, and considers real girls a bother. He even despises the school’s most popular girl, Iroha, the most. To him, she is the epitome of what he hates about real girls. However, everything changes when he really gets to know this mysterious and aloof beauty. Of course, his budding relationship with the prettiest girl in school doesn’t sit well with the other guys…

source: Comic Natalie