My Hero Academia the Movie: Futari no Hero will finally be making its premiere in August. But before that happens, TOHO has released a brand new trailer for this new film. The new trailer not only teases the film’s original story, but also the film’s theme song by Masaki Suda, “Long Hope Philia”.

As the new trailer reveals, the film will premiere on 3rd August 2018. As for its story, it will follow our heroes-in-training in a moving artificial island. It will also take a look at All Might’s younger days as well. According to a previous announcement, the film’s timeline will happen sometime after the Final Exam Arc.

Kenji Nagasaki will be directing the film over at BONES, while Yoshihiko Umakoshi is returning as character designer. Meanwhile, Yousuke Kuroda is writing the script, with mangaka Kouhei Horikoshi supervising it. They also credited him with the original work. As for the cast, they will be reprising their roles from the TV anime.