Saying that the new Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer film is very successful may be a bit of an understatement. The film spent seven straight weeks at the top of the Japanese box office before Deadpool 2 dethroned it. And because of its popularity, Good Smile Company is re-releasing three Nendoroids from the franchise. These three Nendoroids are Tohru Amuro, Shuuichi Akai, and of course, Conan Edogawa.

Good Smile Company is releasing the first batch of these Nendoroids this month. However, if you missed the first pre-order, or your local Nendoroid distributors ran out of stock, don’t fret. Because they will soon re-open pre-orders for a second release soon. They will be releasing this next batch sometime in January 2019.

The Conan Nendoroid costs 4,800 yen, and comes with several faces and accessories. This includes Conan’s signature jet-powered skateboard, as well as his handy bow tie.

Meanwhile, the Shuuichi Akai Nendoroid also costs 4,800 yen. Its accessories include his sniper rifle and a cigarette-holding hand option.

And finally, there’s the new film’s star himself, Tohru Amuro, whose Nendoroid costs 5,000 yen. He’s a bit pricier bcause he also comes with an extra body, which features him wearing an apron. Oh, and there’s a couple of sandwiches in there as well.

Yeah, they may be cute and all, but they certainly make our wallets bleed… a lot! Well, there goes my savings… AGAIN.

Source: Nijimen, images via