It looks like Kugane Maruyama’s Overlord novel series ain’t just getting a new TV anime season, but a smartphone RPG as well. The anime has inspired this new smartphone game app, whose title is “Overlord: Mass foe the Dead”. The staff also launched a new official website for the game, which teases a new visual.

The website describes the game as an “alternate world dark fantasy RPG”. They also revealed that it’s free-to-play as well, but will be having in-game purchases. They’re currently conducting a pre-registration campaign and will be giving away in-game items depending on the number of registrants. They will launch the game in Japan sometime this year.

Meanwhile, for the TV anime, Overlord III will premiere in 10th July. It will pick up where Overlord II left off, with Ainz and his merry band slowly putting their plans into motion. Expect the staff to reveal more about the TV anime, as well as the new game soon.