It looks like a few Persona 5 fans have been misbehaving in some of the game/anime’s pilgrimage sites. This is because the franchise’s own official website has issued a statement regarding the behavior of a few P5 fans out there. And it seems that it’s not just Japanese fans, but foreign ones as well. This is because the website also released the statement in English, aside from the original Japanese statement.

Greetings from the Persona PR team!

Since the release of ‘Persona 5’, there have been many users visiting areas based on real-world areas in the game, which itself is no issue; however, we have unfortunately been seeing some acts that are troubling the locals.

We sincerely ask that you please keep in mind social manners during your travels, and to not:

– Enter facilities for purposes other than using its services
– Take photographs in places that prohibit it
– Leave rubbish lying around
– Cause damage to a property

In order for those who played ‘PERSONA 5’ and/or those who are watching ‘PERSONA 5: The Animation’ to comfortably enjoy the experience without causing an inconvenience for others, your understanding and cooperation would be truly and greatly appreciated.

So there you have it folks, when doing a Persona 5 pilgrimage, please be wary and behave yourself. And this isn’t the first time anime tourists have gone wild in some of anime’s holy pilgrimage sites either. There was that incident where the Girls und Panzer staff asked people not to bother golfers in a golf course which Girls und Panzer der Film featured. Remember, many of these anime pilgrimage sites are actually private places or even religious sites, so better be respectful.