Since its inception in 1996, the “main line” Pokemon games have always had the trading feature. Whether it be via the old Link Cable or wireless connection, trades are integral in Pokemon. This may be because you need trades in order to complete your Pokedex or just simply evolve Pokemon. However, Pokemon GO doesn’t have this feature… until now that is.

Business Insider recently talked to Niantic CEO John Hanke. There, the game company executive talked about some new additions to the game. Like the core Pokemon games, this would allow trainers to get hard-to-catch Pokemon species, as well as make new friends. Here’s how Niantic describes the new feature:

Trainers will earn the Candy of the Pokemon received in trading, and that bonus can increase if the Pokemon traded were caught in locations far apart from each other. The Friendship level between players trading Pokémon will provide unique bonuses including Stardust discounts. Higher Friendship levels between Trainers will unlock the Special Trades option, which includes the ability to trade certain Pokemon, such as regional Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon, and add new Pokemon to their Pokedexes. Trainers who require parental approval and registration through the Pokemon Trainer Club to play Pokemon GO will be unable to trade with other Trainers in the game.

And speaking of friends, the game will also add a “Friends” feature, which plays well with the Trade feature. It takes a page out of the Nintendo Switch playbook, as trainers can only add friends by using each other’s “trainer codes”. As for trading, Niantic will implement it by summer 2018, while they will add the “Friends” feature this week. Now, the big question is… will my Haunter evolve to a Gengar when I trade it?

They’re also adding more Augmented Reality (AR) improvements to the game. This will give more ways to play in gyms, as well as Pokestops.

Well, with the upcoming Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee games, it looks like Niantic is stepping up. The two upcoming Nintendo Switch games will have a feature which connects with Pokemon GO.

source: Kotaku