In a solemn ceremony attended by regional government officials, local grassroots representatives and reporters of various news media, actor Ryo Kitazono (26) was presented the official letter of appointment naming him the “Satsuma Ambassador” by Mayor Mitazono of Kagoshima Prefecture on the afternoon of 30th May 2018.

A native of Kanoya City in Kagoshima Prefecture in south-eastern Kyushu, Ryo Kitazono is by far one of the youngest amongst the current 213 others holding similar appointment. As Ambassador, his job is to be the “face” of local attractions/tourism; as well as to boost the uniqueness of local produces to the rest of Japan and beyond.

Kitazono mentioned being “very honoured and proud” of this title, and wrote in his twitter that he hopes to be able to bring awareness to the attractiveness and beauty of Kagoshima and the Satsuma region to more people.

Currently residing in Tokyo because of his work, Ryo Kitazono had his acting career debut in 2014 with his role as Undercover Agent Shiho Kitami in a 2-hour drama special of the same title.

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Thereafter he took on several other roles in both drama and stage, but the major turning point for his career came in October 2015 when he took to the 2.5D stage musical adaptation of the popular browser game “Touken Ranbu –Online-“ with his role as the mysterious and charismatic Kogitsunemaru.

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With every subsequent production of the musical franchise, his popularity soared and he has since become one of the currently most soughed after 2.5D actors in Japan and internationally. With a large following of fans both within and out of Japan, Kitazono’s most recent fans-meeting event took him to Bangkok, Thailand, just earlier in mid-May 2018.