After 18 volumes, a popular TV anime, a spin-off manga which also had an anime, and also lots of critical acclaim, of Satsuki Yoshino’s Barakamon manga will finally be ending. According to the manga’s recently-released volume 17, the series’ final volume will have its release on 12th December.

The manga follows Seishuu Handa, a disgraced young calligrapher who moves into a faraway island in Western Japan. But as he lives his life as a calligrapher, he meets the local wild child, Naru, as well as the other islanders. There, he learns to adjust to rural life while dealing with Naru and her friends.

The manga’s anime adaptation aired back in 2014. It became very popular that Barakamon’s prequel spin-off manga, Handa-kun, also got an anime. Both anime featured Daisuke Ono voicing Handa. The manga itself also got plenty of critical acclaim. This includes a nomination for the Stan Lee Excelsior Award, and was the only Japanese nominee back in 2014.