Renowned Japanese rock band RADWIMPS lead vocalist Yojiro Noda posted a public apology on his Twitter account, after accusations surfaced that the lyrics of one of their latest songs “HINOMARU” carried militaristic overtones. The apology was made in both English and Japanese, to prevent further misinterpretation.

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Noda has stated, “The song Hinomaru does not express any cheering of war or violence. The lyrics is to cheer and encourage the people living in Japan although we have great earthquakes, a huge tsunami, a big typhoon, and all other disasters… I apologize if there were any fans who were hurt from this song”. You can read the complete text of the apology below.

“HINOMARU” is the coupling song to RADWIMPS latest single “Catharsis”, out now.

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6 June 2018
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