Seiyuu Neeko has made a name for herself voicing the lovable baby hitman, Reborn. And now, she’s reprising her iconic role, but this time, she’s doing it in live-action. This is because Neeko will once again be playing Reborn in Katekyou Hitman Reborn! The Stage 2.5D play.

But while Reborn may be the title character, the manga, as well as the anime, is all about Tsuna. And now, the staff have also revealed the actor playing Tsunayoshi Sawada, and he’s Ryouhei Takenaka.

The official website also released a new key visual featuring artwork from mangaka Akira Amano:

Marv will be producing this stage play, with Maruichirou Maruo directing it. It will have its first run at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo from 21-30 September 2018. It will then head to the Mielparque hall in Osaka from 3-6 October 2018. Premium tickets to see the 2.5D play cost 10,800 yen, while general admission costs 7,800 yen.

source: Marv official