During graduation, graduates usually have their family, friends, and sometimes, even their girlfriends or boyfriends with them. But usually, they won’t be able to accompany the graduate when he/she goes up the stage to receive his/her diploma. However, one graduate from California State Polytechnic University’s Business Administration School found a way to take a “loved one” with him. OK, so he took a dakimakura of his waifu, Nico Yazawa from Love Live, with him…

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Ryan-Nghi Thai graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the university. However, because the university itself live streamed the commencement activities, many saw who he brought with him. One of them is twitter user @honkposterwho posted the image of him receiving his diploma with Nico. Of course, the post went viral, and it received over 2,200 retweets as of writing.

Many commenters not only congratulated Thai, but also hailed him as a legend. Well, what he did was pretty epic, and for that, Congratulations!