Indonesia’s signature Indomie noodles have become a hit across Southeast Asia. And now, the instant noodle brand is getting a Japanese-style makeover thanks to one convenience chain in Medan, Indonesia. This is because they’re making onigiri, but instead of rice, they use Indomie noodles.

Credit: @seleramakan on Instagram

All K3 mart chain stores in Medan are selling these for 10,900 IDR, and they’re the chain’s original creation. It seems that the owner is obsessed with these instant noodles that the chain just had to make these. And they prepare it just like how Japanese convenience stores wrap their onigiri. And yes, this also Halal, so it’s very safe for our Muslim friends to eat.

Credit: @medanreview on Instagram

However, it seems that these onigiri are only available in Medan. Other parts of Indonesia don’t even sell these, unfortunately. However, there’s now a clamor to get these tasty treats to other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and even the Philippines! But then again, one can only hope…

source: Have Halal Will Travel blog