I’m feeling a little giddy lately because just like me, everything else is blooming! It’s officially summer here in our country and while everyone is busy planning their summer vacation, I prefer getting stuck at home, taking care of plants in my mini garden! ^_^

I just got Cupoche Frame Arms Girl Baselard in the mail and just like summer, she’s like a warm ball of sunshine! She’s my favorite FA girl because she’s cute, sweet and smart, the Cupoche version of her fits her super adorable character, you’d really want to take her anywhere!

This time, I took cute Base-chan on my mini garden to show her the bridal shower blooms. I think she loves exploring everywhere even when not in flight ^_^ Base-chan loves collecting tiny things, I guess she’s gonna keep picking flowers to add to her collection XD

I asked her to look after my seedlings, because they need extra care.

Playing around with my huge watering can, that’s too big for you, Base-chan!

There, that’s almost perfect!

Lastly, a sweet kiss from Matcha for a job well done!

On my next series of post, I’m gonna do an explosive review of Cupoche FA Girl Baselard’s technical parts! See you next time!