Animation studio, PA Works, has a reputation for careful attention to detail when it comes anime backgrounds and settings. And none can be more apparent than current spring 2018 anime, Umamusume. The anime follows anthropomorphic horse girls, all of whom are based on real-life race horses. And because this is PA Works, they really went all out in adapting real-life locations into the anime.

Using Google Streetview, Crunchyroll has compiled several photos from several locations the anime featured. They then placed it in a side-by-side comparison to see what it looks like in anime versus what it looks like in real-life. Of course, one of these locations is the famous Tokyo Racecourse. This legendary horse racing track hosts several big races, including the Japan Cup and the Tokyo Derby.


And PA Works didn’t just feature the all-important racing venue, but other places as well. This also includes Fuchu Keiba Seimon Mae Station, Fuchu Hommachi Station, and Higashi-Fuchu Station. They also featured Ginzan Station in Hokkaido, which is where Special Week’s hometown is.

And yes, Umamusume also featured the famous Shibuya Crossing. Meanwhile, Team Spica’s carrot-buying store of choice, Kotakeya supermarket, is based on the real-life Inakeya supermarket. The supermarket is right near the studio’s Tokyo office in Kodaira, in the west of Tokyo. And then there’s this scene from the anime’s seventh episode, which seems to be located in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture.

And finally, we get some great aerial views of the Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu and the Nakayama Racecourse in Funabashi, Chiba.

Well, let’s just say that these places are now anime pilgrimage sites, with fans visiting just because of Umamusume.