The Uma Musume franchise has certainly become a lot more popular thanks to the TV anime. However, Cygames, which distributes the original mobile game, recently asked fans to not make “Harmful Representations” of the horse girls.

The main reason Uma Musume staff are asking this is because of their partnership with horse owners. The anime’s Uma Musume actually use real-life race horses as their inspiration, and even take on their traits. A popular example would be Gold Ship, who retains the real-life horse’s goofy and unpredictable character traits in the anime. She also retains the real version’s signature white coloration.

Cygames asked fans to avoid doing representations which the owners or the parties involved might find “unpleasant”. The post also emphasised that the entire multi-media project itself is a collaboration with the horse owners themselves. They gave the project their consent, and any “unpleasant” representations might have them pulling their beloved horses from Uma Musume. The post then continued to thank everyone, and asked them to continue to support the racehorses, as well as the horse girls.

Unfortunately, they didn’t specify what these “unpleasant representations” are. However, many are saying they are the usual sexualization of anime characters in fan works like doujinshi. But then again, others are saying something else. But whatever the case, Cygames is really asking fans to be a bit more respectful than usual when it comes to the horse girls.

source: Uma Musume Official