It’s no secret that the Japanese love convenience, and they sell a lot of stuff in vending machines. From the usual soda and juice to even cellphones and sim cards, Japanese vending machines sell tons of stuff. And now, it seems that they will also be selling plushies. To be exact, they will be selling Pokemon plushies!

Called Pokemon Stands, Pokefans can find these vending machines across Pokemon Centers, airports, and malls across Japan. And the best part is that if you don’t know which Pokemon to get, Pikachu will be there to guide you. This is because these Pokemon Stands feature a screen that will have Pikachu help out in your selections. The screen will also be a touch panel, so you can click on your choices directly.

And if you don’t speak Japanese, don’t worry, because Pokemon Stands will also have its own language options. These options include Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and of course, English.

They will also be very important areas for Pokemon GO players as well because starting 15th June, they will act as Pokemon Gym stops. Now, those are convenient, huh?

Source: 4gamer