Popular voice actor Natsuki Hanae took to his official twitter on 28 June 2018 (Thursday) morning and urged fans in a sincere post to warn fans against following the fake Instagram account that he claims to be the handiwork of somebody impersonating him or his agency staff.

Natsuki Hanae wrote in his twitter post that he has never registered an account on Instagram, adding that “It is okay if it were only my photos that were uploaded, but that ‘official account’ also has photographs of others, and that is NOT okay”. He earnestly beseeched fans to not follow the fake account and to help warn other fans.

A screenshot of the fake account

His tweet sparked off a wave of indignant reactions from fans – many of which mentioned that they have taken it upon themselves to report the fake account to the administrators of Instagram. There had also been more than 5,000 likes and retweets/shares of Natsuki Hanae’s original post since it went up.