Japanese seiyuu unit Wake Up, Girls! will be disbanding by March 2019, as announced on their official website today, 15th June 2018. The complete text to the announcement as well as a quick translation is provided below:

© Green Leaves / Wake Up, Girls!Production Committee
© Green Leaves / Wake Up, Girls!Production Committee

Thank you very much for always supporting the seiyuu unit “Wake Up, Girls!”.
We recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of their formation last 1st April.
We would not have reached this far without your warm support.
We would like to convey our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts.

We have a very important announcement to make today.
The seiyuu unit “Wake Up, Girls!” will be disbanding by March of 2019.
In their five years together, the dreams of each of the members has been achieved through various activities. After several discussions by the members and the management staff, the members have each decided to take their own path. To foster the members’ growth, it has been decided that the unit will be dissolved.

To convey their gratitude to all the fans who have supported them so far, the members and staff together would like to hold a FINAL TOUR until the very end.
They would like to greet the upcoming March 2019 in their own Wake Up, Girls! style.
As a project, “Wake Up, Girls!” will continue to grow. The members of “Wake Up, Girls!” will continue their voice acting activities. We look forward to your support.

Please continue to support the seiyuu unit “Wake Up, Girls!” until the very end.

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The “Wake Up, Girls!” seiyuu unit is composed of the VA cast of the “Wake Up, Girls!” anime: Mayu Yoshioka, Airi Eino, Minami Tanaka, Yoshino Aoyama, Nanami Yamashita, Kaya Okuno, and Miyu Takagi. The final tour in Japan will be entitled “Wake Up, Girls!FINAL TOUR -HOME-“, with Part I having playdates in Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama, followed by Part II with playdates in Osaka, Iwate, and Kanagawa. Part III dates will be announced soon.