Amazon’s Alexa is probably one of the most well known smart speakers/AI Assistants in the world. However, she might be getting some competition thanks to one particular blue robot cat. This is because LINE’s own AI assistant, Clova, is getting a Doraemon version! So yeah, it’s kinda like Alexa, but it’s Doraemon speaking to you.

This Doraemon edition of the Clova Friends mini has a very special Doraemon design. It also comes with an option for owners to choose which AI assistant they want, Clova or Doraemon. Thet call the Doraemon option as the “Doraemon Talk”.

Owners can also ask Doraemon some requests, such as sing a song, or even do a tongue-twister. And because this is the lovable robot cat we’re talking about, the AI assistant also has some of his mannerisms. For example, he would react if someone would say the word “Dorayaki,” which of course is Doraemon’s favorite food. Another example is that it features around 51 of Doraemon’s “devices”. Unfortunately, neither the “Go Anywhere Door,” nor the Time Machine, is one of them.

The smart speaker costs around 5,400 yen. But if you but at the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum, as well as Rakuten Books, they’re selling one with Doraemon’s pirate outfit from the previous Treasure Island film. However, this limited edition version ain’t cheap, as it comes with a 19,872 yen price tag. They will only sell 200 units of these pirate versions, so that may be why they’re more expensive.

source: Comic Natalie