Popular voice actor Souma Saito has a twin sister, and boy is she cute! To mark the official release of Souma Saito’s 3rd single CD “Date” on 20 June 2018, staff of his management agency posted on his official twitter account on the same day “We’re going on a date with Souko… only for today!” , and even included the hashtag #saitosouko in the tweet.


Needless to say, this tweet sparked off a wave of comments – mostly clamouring that “Souko-chan is soooo adorable!” or “I’d definitely date her too!”, and received more than 20,000 likes and was retweeted over 10,000 over the span of the past few days since its public post on 20 June 2018.

And, as fans may have guessed (plus probably a slight disappointment of some), Souma Saito does not really have a twin sister: the true identity of “Souko-chan” was the voice actor himself stylishly made up and dressed in female garb, and all this as commemoration of the official release of his CD single.


“Date” is Souma Saito’s 3rd single CD released under SACRA Music label; all songs in the CD were written and composed by the talented voice actor/artiste-singer himself. The limited press edition –- retailing at JPY 1,600 -– consists of the CD and a bonus DVD; while the normal press edition consists of only the CD and retails at JPY 1,200.

• Release Information

20 June 2018
CD + DVD: JPY 1,600
CD: JPY 1,200