Yuuma Uchida just recently released his first single “NEW WORLD” last 31st May 2018, and now he’s set to release his second single on 19th September 2018! The title of the track is still under wraps, so in the meantime let’s take another look at the PV for his first single “NEW WORLD”!


Yuuma Uchida is best known for his roles as Yuuma Kousaka in Gundam Build Fighters Try, Nagisa Kiryū in Classroom Crisis, Eishirō Yabuki in The Asterisk War, Hayate Immelmann in Macross Delta, and Ein Dalton in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. His older sister Maaya Uchida is also a highly popular singer and voice actor.

• Release Information
(Title Pending)

19 September 2018
CD + DVD: JPY 1,800
CD: JPY 1,300