It was a night of awesome music, and even better musicians at Natsu Rock, Singapore’s first Summer Rock Festival. As the crowd filed into the concert venue, the anticipation was building amidst  the background music blaring out of the loud speakers.

Things kicked off with a medley of anisong mixes from the one and only DJ Kazu, as he hyped the crowd up with anisongs both old and new. A veteran of performing in front of a Singaporean crowd, the revolutionary DJ showcased his confidence on stage spinning tracks ranging from old favorites like A Cruel Angel’s Thesis to fresher tracks. While I have to admit that remixes and the like are not my thing, this hyped me up for the coming performances.

Next, the ever bubbly Shiena Nishizawa took too the stage for her second performance in Singapore. With her guitar and enthusiasm, the charismatic singer took the audience in her grasps. Egging the crowd on, her eagerness to perform soon rubbed off on the crowd with members of the audience participating in the chants and singing along.

“Her energy was overwhelming, and was as good as a one man band’s” – Chester Liew

Although she’s relatively new to the industry, Shiena’s flair and composure on stage showed the maturity of a veteran. While I have not listened to much of her music prior to the night’s performance it is safe to say she’s gained a new fan in me.

Then came my personal highlight of the night, Band Maid a group I had been following closely for over two years, their debut performance in Singapore was certainly one I would never forget. With the their commanding stage presence and rocking music, the performers seized the attention of the audience with an iron grip. Don’t let the maid outfits and cute faces deceive you, these girls know how to rock.

“It was a night of great music! But Band Maid’s drummer (Akane Hirose) stole the show for me”- Raihaan Muhammad

While it seemed as though the crowd knew little of the debutantes, their abilities soon let the audience know who they were and what they were capable of. The crowd quickly warmed up to the hard rocking maidens and it seemed as though they were having as much fun on stage as members of the audience were having fun off it.

Having missed their performance a couple of years ago in Seattle, this was an opportunity I was not willing to pass up, and boy did they impress. I now understand why my friends from the US were so high on them, listening to their tracks on Spotify or off Youtube is one thing, but it is during their lives when these girls shine. Here’s hoping we get a one man live soon KURIPO~!

Finally, Do as Infinity made their return to Singapore. Performing for only the second time on our sunny island, the veterans did not let their age show.

With all the vim and vigor of a debuting band, vocalist Tomiko Van belted their tracks, with guitarist Ryo Owatari backing her up with their band. Fans of the duo let their love for them known, singing along to their favorite tracks

“It was great to see Do as Infinity again, waves of nostalgia washed over me when they played their older hits” – Antonius Christian

Digging deep into their repertoire the  duo performed some of their latest hits, while performing throwbacks to their oldies but goodies.

Overall this was a night where the performers gave their all. Kudos to them for a job well done and I hope we’ll see them in a concert hall in Singapore soon.