Sanrio’s phenomenal death-metal slice-of-life anime “Aggressive Retsuko” is officially getting a second season in 2019! Just like the first season, it will also be distributed on worldwide streaming service Netflix. Director and screenwriter (and the voice of Death Metal Retsuko) Rareko will be back, to write and direct the adorable yet aggressive Retsuko — created by character designer Yeti.


“Aggressive Retsuko” features the daily trials and tribulations of Retsuko, a red panda who works in the accounting department of a traditional Japanese company. Constantly bullied by her department head (a pig) and her immediate supervisor (a snake), she seeks solace by singing death metal tracks in a karaoke box. She also forms an unlikely friendship with two top company executives (an eagle and a gorilla), while being completely oblivious to the attentions paid by her male coworker (a hyena).