Daruma Matsuura’s body-swapping thriller “Kasane” is is ending in the next volume of Kodansha’s Evening, out 10th August 2018. “Kasane” first started in 2013, and has spawned thirteen collected volumes in total so far.

© Daruma Matsuura / Kodansha

“Kasane” tells the story of the eponymous “Kasane”, the daughter of a deceased former actress who — while inheriting her talent, sadly did not inherit her looks. Kasane inexplicably gets her hands on a mysterious lipstick from her dead mother, that allows her to steal the faces of other people.

The film adaptation of “Kasane” will hit Japanese cinemas 7th September 2019, with the main theme song “Black Bird” sung by highly-popular female vocalist Aimer. The “Kasane” movie stars Tao Tsuchiya and Kyoko Yoshine as both “Kasane” and “Nina Tanzawa”.