Japanese mobile game Monster Strike is teaming up with the upcoming Sword Art Online: Alicization TV anime. Of course, it will include getting SAO characters like Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, etc into the game. And because this is Sword Art Online we’re talking about, Kirito is taking center stage for the collaboration.

The collaboration will also feature live-action commercials featuring Kirito… sort of. NON STYLE comedy duo member Yuusuke Inoue will be appearing as Kirito for these commercials.

Aside from promoting the team-up, it will be talking about the initial “Party Formation Support Campaign”. The CM will debut on 13th July, followed by two more CMs on 17th July.

Like most collaborations, this one will also be getting a few more freebies. These include 100 life-size Kirito and Asuna towels, as well as five sets of four Seishun 18 train passes with a collaboration bromide. To win, they just have to tweet one of the campaign’s many official hashtags.

As for the collaboration itself, it will include plenty of new in-game items, as well as new in-game missions. It will launch on 13th July and end on 2nd August.

Source: Anime! Anime!