Via ANN: CYBIRD has announced at Anime Expo in Los Angeles that it will be releasing a new title, Ikémen Vampire: Ijin-tachi to Koi no Yuuwaku, in Spring of 2019. The original Japanese version was launched on 31st July 2017, and is celebrating its first anniversary this year.


The English release of Ikémen Vampire: Ijin-tachi to Koi no Yuuwaku will feature its original Japanese voice cast, will be offered on both the iOS App Store and Google Play stores, and will be free to play with the option to purchase in-game items via microtransactions.

Ikemen Vampire: Ijin-tachi to Koi no Yuuwaku is the latest iteration of CYBIRD’s highly popular Ikemen series aimed at female mobile game players. Other titles in the succesful line include Midnight Cinderella: Ikémen Royal Romances, Destined to Love: Ikémen Samurai Romances, Love, Lies & a Heist: Ikémen Royale, Ikémen Revolution: Love & Magic in Wonderland, and Ikémen Sengoku: Romances Across Time.