Mangaka Gosho Aoyama came back from a 4-month long hiatus back in April. However, it looks like he’s going back on hiatus, but this time for just seven weeks. According to issue #32 of Shonen Sunday, Detective Conan will be going on hiatus until their 40th issue. This is because Gosho Aoyama needs to do some research on his next story, and it looks like it’s gonna take several weeks.

This ain’t the first time Aoyama has gone on hiatus for research though, as he also did it last October 2017. However, his previous hiatus, which started last December 2017, was because he needed some medical treatment. He returned from that hiatus last April.

And to fill the hole left by such a big name like Detective Conan, Shonen Sunday has revealed its temporary replacement. They will be serialising Takahiro Arai’s Tohru Amuro spin-off, Meitantei Conan Zero no Tea Time. However, they will only be publishing chapters of the spin-off whenever the main manga is on hiatus.

Looks like fans are gonna have to wait a bit for the next chapter, but there’s still the spin-off, right?

source: Weekly Shonen Sunday issue #32