We’re pretty sure some of you guys still remember that viral video about a red apple-cat playing insane drums at a local festival? Well, that very same apple-cat named “Nyango-Star” is playing drums for an amazing superband called “Kaibutsu Butoudan”, with some pretty legendary fellow members.


“Kaibutsu Butoudan” members include enka superstar Sayuri Ishikawa, Luna Sea and X JAPAN quitarist SUGIZO, RIZE and DRAGON ASH bassist KenKen, and DJ RENA! Their first single is titled “Hyakkiyakō” (“Nights of a Hundred Demons”), and is the theme song of the new Pepsi product J-Cola. The single is available now on iTunes worldwide.

Nyango-Star became a viral sensation when he was first shot playing an insanely difficult piece by SUGIZO’s other band X JAPAN titled “Kurenai” at a local event. The drumming sensation has since made appearances at may other events and TV shows, including a variety show by legendary X Japan drummer Yoshiki — which also featured LUNA SEA rhythm guitarist INORAN and drummer SHINYA as guests.