The film adaptation of the suspense manga “Kasane” will hit Japanese cinemas 7th September 2019, with the main theme song titled “Black Bird” provided by powerhouse vocalist Aimer. The “Kasane” movie stars Tao Tsuchiya and Kyoko Yoshine as both “Kasane” and “Nina Tanzawa”.

“Kasane” is an Japanese suspense manga series written and illustrated by Daruma Matsuura. The story centers on the eponymous “Kasane”, the daughter of a deceased former actress who — while inheriting her talent, sadly did not inherit her looks. Kasane inexplicably gets her hands on a mysterious lipstick from her dead mother, that allows her to steal the faces of other people.

© Daruma Matsuura / Kodansha

When she encounters the beautiful but talentless Nina Tanzawa — who also wants to be an actress but her rare sleeping disorder prevents that from happening, they strike a deal where Kasane borrows Nina’s face and name to take on acting roles. Nina soon becomes tired of the arrangement and tries to renege on Kasane, and their “working relationship” soon takes a darker turn.

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After temporarily losing her voice when she was 15, Aimer continued singing and has been attracting attention with her sweet, unique husky voice. Starting her career under indies label, Aimer then had her major debut back in 2011. Her album “daydream”, which was released in September 2016, received runner-up prize for The 9th CD Shop Awards 2017. Aimer has recently performed in Singapore as part of an Asia tour with alternative rock artiste amazarashi last 31st March 2018.