K fans, looks like we’re getting more K material hot off the heels of the K: Seven Stories films. This is because Shonen Magazine Edge revealed in their August 2018 edition that the first K: Seven Stories film, R:B ~Blaze~, is getting its own manga. It’s title is “Aiseki”.

© GoRA・GoHands/k-7project

Yasuyuki Torikai is providing the illustrations for the manga, while it credits “GoRa” for the original work. Meanwile, Kodansha will be releasing the new manga inside Shonen Magazine Edge’s September 2018 issue. However, the announcement didn’t specify whether this new K manga will be a serialisation or a One-Shot manga.

The 6-part film series will include the following films:

  • Episode 1: R:B ~Blaze~ (7th July)
  • Episode 2 SIDE:BLUE ~Tenrou no Gotoku (4th August)
  • Episode 3 SIDE:GREEN ~Uwagaki Sekai~(1st September)
  • Episode 4 Lost Small World ~Ori no Mukō ni (6th October )
  • Episode 5 Memory of Red ~BURN (3rd November)
  • Episode 6 Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~ (1st December)

As for its director, Shingo Suzuki will not only direct, but also serve as its character designer. The first film will also be getting Southeast Asian screenings. Specifically, it will be shown in Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Source: Shonen Magazine Edge August issue