It looks like Granblue Fantasy ain’t just collaborating with The iDOLM@STER, but Love Live! as well. During a recent live streaming event, the ever-popular smartphone RPG revealed they’re now teaming up with Love Live!. They even unveiled Chika’s design when she appears in the game!

And to top it all off, all nine members of AQOURS made an appearance during the Granblue Fantasy live stream. They were also the ones who announced the collaboration, surprising many fans.

And that’s not all because the live stream also announced that after Love Live! Sunshine!!, Granblue Fantasy is teaming up with Pretty Cure, AKA PreCure! The collaboration is part of the magical girl franchise’s 15th anniversary celebrations, and it will happen sometime in October.

Unfortunately, the live stream didn’t reveal any further details about these two new collaborations. However, the they did announce a few more new features for the game itself. This includes a few new swim-suit skins for characters (because it’s summer), as well as new characters, jobs, and even a limited-time summer event.

source: 0takomu