Despite its main title, K: Seven Stories is a 6-part film series based on GoRA and GoHands’s K anime project. And now, the anime’s staff have revealed not one, but three new trailers for the films. Each trailer is for one of the final three films in the 6-part series.

Lost Small World ~Ori no Mukou ni

Memory of Red ~BURN~

Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~

Each video also teases angela’s ED songs. The Japanese group is also performing the OP song for all six films, which is “Survive!”. The 6-part film series will include the following films:

  • Episode 1: R:B ~Blaze~ (7th July)
  • Episode 2 SIDE:BLUE ~Tenrou no Gotoku (4th August)
  • Episode 3 SIDE:GREEN ~Uwagaki Sekai~(1st September)
  • Episode 4 Lost Small World ~Ori no Mukō ni (6th October )
  • Episode 5 Memory of Red ~BURN (3rd November)
  • Episode 6 Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~ (1st December)

As for its director, Shingo Suzuki returning as director, as well as its character designer.

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