Kotobukiya is one of the biggest names in plastic model kits in Japan. The’re responsible for several model kit lines like Zoids HMM, Frame Arms, and of course, Frame Arms Girls. And now, they’ve teamed up with Sega’s Border Break video game to create the “World’s largest Plastic Model Kit”. This enormous kit is the 1:1 scale model of the game’s titular mech, Border Break.

Inside Games Japan reports that Kotobukiya will be taking the parts out of the runners soon. They will then proceed to build the 1:1 scale model piece by piece, just like the smaller plastic model kits. Yeah, they’re gonna need BIGGER tools to take the parts off from these runners. Well, at least they don’t have to worry about the small parts getting lost…

They’re currently displaying the runners in Shinjuku Station’s Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Promenade. However, they will only be displaying them until Sunday, which is 8th July. The 1:1 Scale Model project will then proceed to do “cutting events” for the kit from 4th-8th July.

Kotobukiya used Styrol Resin as the kit’s material. They also carefully engineered the kit so it can hold its own weight once they finish “assembling” it. Hey, getting a kit that can stand on its own is hard enough…

source: Inside Games Japan

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