Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is reaching its milestone 100th chapter, and they’re celebrating with a bang! And as part of the celebrations, Izumi Tsubaki’s 4-koma comedy manga is getting its own ikemen idol group! Nozaki, Hori, Kashima, Waka, Mikorin, and Mayu will be the ones forming this group.

Currently, the idol group still doesn’t have its own center yet. But don’t worry because the staff have also launched  an online poll to decide who that position will be going to. The poll will end on 22nd August, and they will be announcing the results soon after. The new idol unit will also be promoting the launch of the manga’s Volume 10 tankoubon release as well.

But that’s not all, because the new ikemen idol unit is also collaborating with the AniPara Cafe in Ikebukuro! To be exact, they’re doing a collaboration cafe from 3rd October until 2nd December. Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal much but will make more announcements in the future.

Source: GanGan Online