After taking over Shinjuku station with anime eyes, now, Netflix is back to “jack” the station once again. However, this time, they’re taking over with a few memorable quotes from popular anime. Hey, they even announced the project with a new CM featuring a few familiar anime quotes!

The Netflix quote mural will feature plenty of great quotes from Gundam to Ghost in the Shell to Aggretsuko. However, this mural also has some secrets which fans can reveal with flash photography. By simply taking a picture of the mural with flash, it will reveal who said that quote. Here’s a simple before and after picture:

Those who then post the image they took in Shinjuku Station online on twitter will then get a special prize. It will be a special and free photo sticker which they can use on the social media platform. Netflix will be launching this campaign at Shinjuku Station from 23-29 July 2019.

Source: Anime! Anime!