New platform ACG Network promises to revolutionize the contents publishing industry through the use of crowdfunding and blockchain technology. The company held a press conference yesterday — 3rd July 2018, at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, where the illustrious ACGN team composed of CEO Shinichiro Maeda (Nippon TV), CFO Evin Zhuang (Delloite), Animation Department Director Masuo Ueda (A-1 Pictures), and Game Department Director Katsuaki Kato (Famitsu), as well as original screenplay writer Jiro Ishii (Under the Dog) presented the intriguing new concept to members of the press.

CFO Zhuang opened the presser with a demonstration of the platform’s smartphone app — available for both the iOS App and Goodle Play stores. With a few simple taps, the user can access both the cryptocurrency and the crowdfunding functions. CEO Maeda followed with a very meaty presentation about the difficulties that creators face when trying to get their contents published, especially in Japan where the omnipresent “seisaku iinkai” (production committee) system hinders creators from realizing their complete visions, due to financial constraints as well as interference from other parties.

Director Ueda spoke abouth the support they have received from several of his equally legendary colleagues in the animation industry. Directors Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass), Ryosuke Takahashi (Armored Trooper VOTOMS), and Shinji Takamatsu (Gintama) showed their support via message videos. Director Kato followed suit with messsages of support from gaming luminaries Hiroshi Matsuyama (.hack), Yasuhiro Wada (Harvest Moon), Ken Shimomura (Onmyouji). Takamatsu and Shimomura were expecially enthusiastic about the project, already submitting their personal proposals to ACGN’s crownfunding platform.

Original screenplay writer Jiro Ishii was brought in to talk about his own expereinces. His original concept “Under the Dog” was successfully financed via crowdfunding, however this was only the beginning of what would be a long and challenging road for the production. He realized that although financial support was important, practical and hard-hitting advice from industry veterans, as well as input from the contributors themselves, was equally as important — if not more. He is positive that the people behind ACGN will be able to provide this kind of support that was sorely lacking when he started the project in the previous platform.

About ACG Network

ACG Foundation Limited (head office: Singapore) combined animation, comic and game with block chain technology together, producing the beta version of ACGN Wallet, which is a part of the ACGN Network’s ecosystem. Besides, ACG Network set up its Japanese corporate ACG Network Japan CO., LTD (CEO: SHINICHIRO MAEDA, the former NIPPON TV producer) in Tokyo, Japan, and it formally published complete planning concept on July 3rd,2018.

ACG Network plans to break through digital content industry conventions by epoch-making APP and cryptocurrency. Applying the blockchain technology and its own intellectual contract, ACG Network can realize the functions such as: contents and planning, raising funds, user commenting, gathering ideas in animation, comic, game, TV series and film fields and more.

ACG Network issued the exclusive platform Token-CATT (Content Aggregation Transfer Token) that will make transaction with cryptocurrencies. Compared with traditional fund-raising platforms, it is a highly effective way to raise funds.

In traditional media, only specific individuals can decide whether the planning and creative ideas could pass through. But in ACG Network, the important decision is made by users of ACG Network through a transparent voting system. Not only for Japan, China and Asia, their works can be displayed to all the users interested in animation, comic and game industries globally. Creators can now show their talents and ideas to the users.

ACG Network is a brilliant system that breaks through the conventional limitation, brings the new production values and develops the next generation creators. It could probably fix up the difficult problems of supporting, excavating and developing creators.

Actions like users uploading their planning and works, supporting producers and re-uploading will be made public after the issue of the project. The one first uploads could set up various rules such as copyright and reusing right. Many creators are worried about how to protect their own benefits, but now ACGN platform provides solutions to help them.

ACG Network will bring magnificent changes to the Asian (including Japan) digital content industry. Presently, there are many creators have no opportunities to debut because of the disagreement with their editors. There are many creators with little to no chances to truly write down their own ideas because of the demand from sponsors. What’s worse, there are even creators who are living in the countryside that are unable to achieve their dreams. But now, all the individuals can log into ACG Network, free-of-charge and showcase their talents to fans around the world.

TV program producers who are dissatisfied with the rules regulating around program creation and also post their ambitious projects on the platform. Fans can even propose their ideas, for example, if they want to see the animation from a comic. In the platform, individuals who have common goals can gather together and make their own ideas into reality. Many experienced producers, creatives as well as employees who have doubts about the current traditional platforms have shown their interests in ACG Network.

Industry professionals have shown great expectations about the project, citing that they could relook into certain plans that have been rejected before and their vision to inject new contents onto the platform to stimulate the industry.

While the press conference only issued the digital content planning investment business using crypto at the concept level, ACG Network has established a corporation (ACG Network Japan Co., Ltd.) with core experienced workers in the digital content industry. ACG Network is seen as the only one that is implementing concrete movements and recruiting candidates from the whole digital content industry.

It is estimated that ACG Network will be formally launched in Spring, 2019.