Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is getting its own theatrical film project, which comprises of several films. And now, one of the people responsible for the success of the anime back in the 90’s is returning to the franchise! This is because Sailor Moon’s official website announced that the original 90’s anime’s character designer, Kazuko Tadano, is returning for the films.

Tadano worked on the original 90’s anime before Yukie Sakou took over for the first Sailor Moon Crystal anime. Meanwhile, Akira Takahashi served as the character designer for the third season. They made the announcement during the “Usagi Birthday Party 2018” event on Saturday.

The new 2-part film will continue where the third season left off, and will act as the “fourth season” of the anime. It will cover the “Dead Moon” arc from Naoko Takeuchi’s bestselling manga. As for its staff, Chiaki Kon will be returning to once again direct the series.

source: Sailor Moon official