Penang, are you ready for the hottest summer anime party in Malaysia?! Penang Anime Matsuri is coming at you from 7th to 8th of July 2018 at the SPICE Convention Center! Enthusiasts of anime, cosplay, and gaming will be spoilt for choice, and hardcore anisong fans get to enjoy two nights of I Love Anisong with Luna Haruna, Konomi Suzuki, Shiena Nishizawa, and the hard-rocking young ladies of BAND-MAID!


BAND-MAID was conceptualized by singer/guitarist Miku Kobato, who once worked in a maid cafe, and hit on the idea of combining Japan’s maid cafe culture with her passion for rock music. She recruited lead guitarist Kanami Tono, who in turn recruited drummer Akane Hirose to join the group. Akane in turn brought along her music school classmate, bassist Misa. Finally, they added lead vocalist Saiki Atsumi — and the rest, as they say, is history!

Drawing from their deep musical history and out-of-the-box style, BAND-MAID started playing local venues in Tokyo. They quickly caught the eye of music fans for their unique combination of quirky maid cafe costumes and pure musical talent. Yes, these girls can really shred — something dramatically different from the usual manufactured girl bands composed of wannabes who could barely sing, let alone play instruments!

Besides being a hard-rocking live act, BAND-MAID is also a certified viral hit online, with their YouTube channel garnering over 175K subscribers, and their music videos collecting a staggering 36M views. A good number of hits on their channel come from Indonesian fans, who are drawn in once again by their amazing performances and eye-catching maid outfits. And now, these fans have the chance to see them perform live on the I Love Anisong stage! Grab your tickets today!

• Event Information
Penang Anime Matsuri

7th and 8th July 2018
SPICE Convention Center
Tickets via GRABAPOP.COM