Every year, over a thousand dancing Pikachu (and some Dittos masquerading as Pikachu) invade the city of Yokohama. The event is called the Pikachu Outbreak, and the electric mice (and the odd Dittos) take over several Yokohama establishments. But this year is a bit special, as several Eevees will be backing them up!

These Eevee reinforcements will be doing an “Eevee March”. In fact, they’re already dubbing their participation as “the world’s first big Eevee march“. The Pokemon with multiple evolutions are even working hard to promote their little march…

Aside from the usual Pikachu Parade and the first-ever Eevee March, the event will also feature other activities. These include The Red Brick Warehouse district’s Soaking Wet Splash Show where visitors can expect themselves to get soaked. They will also feature a digital splash show, which will not only feature Pikachu, Ditto, and Eevee, but other Pokemon as well. Several malls will also feature stage shows featuring the dancing Pikachu.

The event will happen from 10th-16th August, so better be prepared for a ton of Pokemon antics in Yokohama.

source: Sora News 24