Singapore’s biggest ramen festival is back with another stellar gathering of ramen shops from here and abroad! Ramen Revolution 2018 will once again be held at The Forum B1 of Resorts World Sentosa. Slated from the 27th to the 29th of July 2018, get ready for another amazing weekend of fantastic ramen!

The 2018 edition of Ramen Revolution will feature nine stalls from Singapore (composed of both Japanese and Singaporean-owned and operated ramen shops) and two stalls flying in from Japan (Junk Story and Men Dokoro Wakamusha), as well as specialty drinks and sides. Each stall will also offer an event-exclusive ramen, which will only be found at the event!

Let WOW Japan whet your appetite as we review some of the offerings at this year’s Ramen Revolution!

Hokkaido Ramen Santoka
Orchard Cuppage Terrace, The CENTRAL

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is one of the most succesful ramen chains in the world — with stores not just in Japan and Singapore, but also USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is certainly pulling out all the stops for Ramen Revolution 2018, not just offering their signature bowls and an event exclusive, but also a special matcha latte, plus a rare Santouka instant noodle for you to enjoy at home!

Signature Shio Ramen

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is best known for their rich and milky shio ramen, which features a thick and luxurious broth coupled with firm and tasty noodles. One ingredient that Santouka adds to their ramen that is unique to their store is a pickled sour plum or umeboshi; the tartness of the umeboshi helps cut down the richness of the broth, and helps you enjoy it for a bit longer without tiring of the taste.

Kara Miso Ramen

This spicy variation of their signature bowl has an added dash of spicy miso paste, which gives it a nice kick. Its striking red appearance might scare off some people, however the taste is actually milder than it looks. If you’re the sort of person who really enjoys a fiery bowl of hellbroth, you can ask the staff to add more spice to your dish, as attested to by our friendly Santouka server.

Event Exclusive: Tantanmen

The store will be featuring a special event-only tantanmen, which once again is a variation of their most popular bowl — this time given a generous helping of sesame paste and chili oil. The added ingredients transform this dish into something completely different, and will be a palate pleaser for fans of satay and other nut-infused dishes.

Menya Sakura
1 Tras Link

Tsukemen specialist Menya Sakura is back at Ramen Revolution, having enjoyed a succesful run in the previous event in 2017! After moving from their Clark Quay premises to one of Singapore’s ramen hotspots Tanjong Pagar, the noodle shop is upping its game — bringing not just an event exclusive tonkotsu shoyu ramen, but also an umami-rich truffle charsui bowl that was a hit with everyone who tasted it

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

The first thing you notice about Menya Sakura’s tonkotsu shoyu ramen is the generous serving of lard they used to finish off the bowl. The umami from this ingredient is simply amazing, and you can’t stop yourself from slurping the entire bowl as fast as you can. We do recommend finishing the ramen while it’s still fresh though, so that the pork fat remains hot and tasty as opposed to cold and gummy.

Truffle Cha Shu Bowl

Menya Sakura’s Truffle Cha Shu Ricebowl is a total revelation, and could possibly steal the show from their otherwise excellent ramen! Featuring a generous serving of flaked cha shu and jazzed up with a splash of truffle oil, this rich and meaty dish is something that will definitely hit the spot when you’re unleashing your inner meat-loving Neanderthal. A must try!

Ramen Bar Suzuki
61 Circular Road, 7 Stanley Street

Ramen Bar Suzuki is a well-established brand in Singapore, with two stores in the city centre. They are best known for their signature Pure White bowl, which is a big hit with local ramen fans. But they’re not one to rest on their laurels, as they are coming up with something completely different for Ramen Revolution!

Ramen Bar Suzuki has come up with a counterpoint to their White Bowl: an Extreme Black Tonkotsu Bowl! Both the noodles and the broth have been infused with a refreshing combination of squid ink and bamboo charcoal, which not only supplies additional minerals but also acts as a detoxification agent — making this ramen not just delicious but also healthy!

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Credited with bringing the concept of dry ramen to Singapore, Kajiken has been at the forefront of this gourmet phenomenon ever since. After winning the Bronze prize at last year’s ramen Revolution, Kajiken is back for another stab at the crown! This time, they are teaming up with Okinawan diner Nirai Kanai to bring mazesoba fans an all-new experience!

Okinawan Mazesoba

If the though of Kajiken’s original Nagoya mazesoba makes your mouth water, then their Okinawan version is something you’re sure to enjoy! Featuring flat and rich Okinawan soba, a thick slice of Okinawan pork rafute, and a dash of Kajiken’s signature sauce, this amazing combination will have you asking for seconds. One of our favourites!

Kokoro Ramen
The Bedok Market Place

Kokoro Ramen takes pride in the fact that its tasty and chewy noodles are hand-made with love, fresh, every day! This local ramen stall in Bedok Market makes a tasty bowl of ramen accessible even in the heartlands, and brings to ramen lovers every bit of quality and flavour as the more established shops in the city.

Kara Miso Ramen

Catering to the locals’ love of spice, Kokoro Ramen’s spicy miso ramen is the right combination of flavour and heat. The savoury spicy broth brings the best out in their freshly made noodles, and as attested to by our fellow ramen tasters, is good to the last drop! Although purists might find the broth to be a little too spicy, it’s simply perfect for fans of fiery chilli-laced soups.

Signature Tonkotsu Ramen

While some people might pass on the tonkotsu ramen in favour of the spicier miso ramen, this delicate bowl of ramen is actually tastier in some ways, because the heat and spice does not overwhelm all the other flavours. This version of Kokoro Ramen actually highlights their excellent half-boiled egg, which is one of the best we’ve tasted — even when compared to the more popular stores.

Vegetarian Ramen

Kokoro Ramen chef Alfred said that feedback from some of their customers has led to the development of a clear broth-based vegetarian ramen. This light and refreshing ramen is perfect not just for vegetarians, but also for those whose dietary restrictions prevent them from eating pork — which, as ramen lovers know, is the base of most noodle broths.

Sō Ramen
Bedok Mall, Velocity @ Novena, NEX, Breadtalk iHQ, Resort World Sentosa

Last year, while the ramen chain didn’t join in the fun of the revolution, they did have quite a presence being the only store with an actual shop in Resorts World Sentosa. This year though, that is going to change. They are joining the fray with two of their speciality ramen, which they graciously invited us to try at one of their branches.

Grand Tonkotsu Ramen

Making a grand entrance, the Grand Tonkotsu Ramen can be daunting for a regular diner. Afterall it is packed with the ultimate mastery of an ingredient known as pork, with ample amounts of pork jowl, pork belly marinated in a special sauce, and cha shu. It is the best item in the menu to satisfy the stomach of a hungry patron.

Cha Shu Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

Noticeably the most unusual of their offerings, it looks distinctively Singaporean with the red soup base and a ball of spicy minced meat. Some might make the observation that it looks like Nonya laksa. It even has the same spicy qualities but without the familiar coconut flavouring. The “spiciness” merely tingles while one surps on the somewhat ordinary noodles, and sample the fatty cha shu — discovering the harmony within the well mixed concoction of chili oil, mince meat, and the creamy tonkotsu broth. Overall, it can be a good mix and is recommended for at least a try.

Ebi Tori Menzo
South Bridge Tower

With the main store founded in the year 2016 in Osaka, Ebi Tori Menzo is considered quite a new kid in the block. And they sure do play the role well, with many new implementations and interesting recipes to challenge the classics. They are famous for their tsukemen, and their shio ramen. But during the tasting, they brought something new: their take on Mazesoba. It’s like the usual but with an Italian twist.

Shio Chicken Ramen

Light and refreshing, the ramen broth is made with salt using chicken as the base ingredient. So it’s easy to digest and it’s perfect for ladies with lighter tastebuds. With a light base the soup is clear, paired with a simple cha shu and garnished with two sticks of deep fried sweet potato, bamboo shoots, and a variety of vegetables.


When first served, the item that most caught my eyes for this bowl of tsukemen is a piece of baguette, a slice of lemon, and diced sweet potatos?! The tsukemen is served lukewarm like most other stores but unlike the rest, the presentation is filled with colours: Red (tomato), Yellow (lemon), Green (Arugula), Purple (baby salad leaves), and Brown from the Cha Shu. Making the statement piece within the bowl is a piece of pastry which usually has no role to play in a ramen store.

It’s already a beautiful sight, yet it is to be enhanced with the arrival of the star, a fiery red bowl of dipping sauce served. This bowl of essence is anything but simple, cooked using various seafood like shrimps and fish. Some would say it’s like a lobster bisque — maybe that is what the baguette is for. And lastly, if you still have some sauce left, asked for the small serving of rice with milk sauce to mix into the leftovers!


This piece is a recent creation by the group’s chief chef, a bowl of mixed flavors with the unique lobster bisque-like sauce and the tomato based sauce garnished with chopped onions, diced bamboo shoots, nuts, the yellow, green and purple veggies. Sealing the deal on the presentation is the runny poached egg. To enjoy, please stir it — stir it hard. Don’t feel guilty destroying this precious work of art! You can always order another serving. For only by doing this, you can taste the clash of cultures, the firm soba with minced meat, nuts and all! I have only the following, delizioso でした! Please try out their very distinctive style of ramen, it is like Australian milo — familiar but with a unique flavor and kick!

Men Men Tei
Marina One

Jiro-style Aburi Cha Shu Ramen

Home to the Jiro style-ramen, this store is nestled in a small recess in the basement of Marina One. The cozy storefront brings memories of dining in street side ramen shops in Tokyo. Quite literally stacked with generous portions of vegetables, chashu and garlic, this is a treat for garlic fans.The soup base was flavorful but not overpowering, and the noodles were cooked to perfection. The cha shu also complemented the broth perfectly. Overall this is a great choice for people looking for some greens with their ramen. But be warned, some people might find it tough to finish the generous portions.

Kanshoku Ramen
Orchard Gateway, ION Orchard, Northpoint City

Creamy Cheese Ramen

Served with mozzarella, this interesting ramen is served with a spicy base. And while one might think that the cheese might make the ramen feel too heavy or creamy. Fret not, the spicy base and and cheeses complement one another. Mixing the ramen as soon as you get it is paramount, as doing it right will give the ramen a stretchy feel, similar to that of many pastas. The cheese does neutralize some of the kick from the broth, but you can still find some of it in there. Topped off with broccoli and slices of cha shu, this is definitely an experience you’ll only find at Kanshouku Ramen.

• Event Information
Ramen Revolution 2018

27th to 29th July 2018
Resorts World Sentosa
The Forum B1

With additional reporting by firelit and tueac.