Kantai Collection is still going strong in Japan, and that also goes for its arcade version. Even now, players are still lining up just to play. However, several other games rode on its success, including the anthropomorphic shipgirl game, Abyss Horizon. And now, Sega and C2 Praparat are filing a lawsuit against MorningTec Japan, which represents Abyss Horizon, for copyright infringement.

They filed the lawsuit last 11th July via the Tokyo District Court. Their lawsuit aims to stop the game’s distribution in Japan. C2 Praparat, which represents KanColle Arcade, has determined that “MorningTec Japan has acted against the Unfair Competition Prevention Law”. They added that they will “take the appropriate actions strictly against all others who conducts any similar acts”. Sega’s suit claims that even if they modified the appearance of the game, they still infringed on the copyright for the Kancolle Arcade game.

However, MorningTec Japan seems to be ready to fight Sega’s claim. They released a statement via twitter,which states that they’re asserting the legitimacy of their game, thus are ready to face the gaming giant.