Sorry ladies, it looks like another seiyuu who was an eligible bachelor is now taken. This is because seiyuu Junya Ikeda has revealed that he’s now married. He also announced that he’s actually been married for quite some time now, and he and his wife now have a child.

In his announcement, which his agency, BaRU Management Agency, posted online, he revealed that he married his long-time girlfriend back in 2016. Ikeda’s long-time girlfriend-and-now-wife already had a child before they met. However, the Digimon seiyuu accepted her daughter as if she was his own. They then decided to marry with the daughter’s approval.

And now, the couple have welcomed another child. Ikeda said that to them, the child’s  physical and mental growth is most important, and that’s why he refrained to announce the news. However, as soon as their new baby came, they decided as a family that it was time for him to make that announcement.

Fans might know Ikeda from his role as the older Jou Kido in the Digimon Adventure tri series. He also voiced Majestic Prince’s Ataru Suruga as well. The seiyuu has some Tokusatsu roles as well, playing Gai Ikari in Gokaiger.

Congratulations to the couple for their new baby!

source: Nijimen