Some sad news for BanG Dream fans out there, as Roselia member, Satomi Akesaka will be graduating. Her agency, Amuleto, reported that the doctors have diagnosed her with sudden hearing loss. This would be bad news for any musical performer, as her condition would directly affect in her rehearsals and performances.

She voices Roselia band member Rinko Shirokane in BanG Dream. However, she won’t be leaving the franchise until 17th September, which is when the Roselia Fan Meeting 2018 event at the Culttz Kawasaki is happening. The franchise will then recast Rinko to a different seiyuu.

Her agency reported that she lost hearing twice since March, though she recovered from both instances. However, doctors deemed that her continued musical performances would become more difficult. This is because she is running a huge risk of these incidents happening again if she doesn’t stop.

But there is some good news though, as Amuleto revealed that she will be continuing her voice acting work. Her other big roles include Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill, as well as Mari Kurokawa in GATE.

Source: BanG Dream official